Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy Way To Bid/Tender Malaysia Car Plate Number(1) 申请马来西亚车牌号码简单方法(1)

Easy Tips: How to Register Malaysia Car Plate Number?(1)

When you go to JPJ there, you can take the number for queue up and asked the administrator the latest vehicle plate running number, he will tell you to filling up the form tnd also look at the notice board for latest detail.
Normally in JPJ, you can see some people carrying with car detail and big suitcase is mostly car runner (who help client to handle car plate registration and bidding process), you can asked them about the car bidding detail.

While waiting the long queue number, actually we can notice board which will shown the running car plate number latest update and also general information that you might need to take down, so you can take it down your favorite number and pass it to JPJ officer to handle your request.

Registration and tendering of car plate registration number will have a certain period such as 16 april 2012 to 2 May 2012 is for JNQ 1 to JNQ 9999. You may write it down your favorite car plate number and directly pass to JPJ officer see whether need to tendering or just do a simple registration. (Remember to bring your at least RM300-RM500 reserve for any related process for car plate registration, if you tendering golden number/ special number then remember need to prepare more money or cheque for deposit and also need to give the tender form into envelope and pass to JPJ officer to handle)

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  1. Then how long to I ow the results whether I,be gotten the number


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