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Illegal Method To Avoid AES Camera In Malaysia (Not Advisable To Try As It Is Illegal, If Want Purchase/Try, Please Take It As Your Own Responsiblity & Own Risk, Thanks)

Malaysia Anti-AES Car Plate cover

 Photo Blocker Spray To Vehicle Plate/ Car Plate

The Road & Transport Department (JPJ) has issued a stern warning to car owners with illegal license plate designs and various strobe lights. The Sun Daily reported that in a meeting of RTD officers, Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad, JPJ director-general, told reporters that, “We have to conduct special operations since motorist still continue to disobey the law.“Anyone using them illegally is liable to a compound of RM300,” he said


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W 2J RM 180,200.00
WA 2W RM 73,200.00
WB 2A RM 58,200.00
WA 2Q RM 57,000.00
WA 2K RM 57,000.00
WA 2V RM 61,200.00
WA 2U RM 59,000.00
WA 2N RM 64,000.00
TY 2 RM 220,200.00

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