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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Malaysia's Most Expensive Licence Plates

The recent controversy surrounding the proposed auction of 'Patriot' licence plates where the number PATRIOT 1 is rumoured to have starting bids from RM1 million highlights the high value many Malaysians still hold for personalized number plates.
The scandal surfaced when Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia (YPN) was reported to be planning an auction of personalized 'Patriot' number plates from Patriot 1 to Patriot 9999 that could generate as much as RM10 million in earnings.
This provoked allegations of abuse of power over how the NGO got hold of such a lucrative contract. Perak DAP has since lodged a report with MACC and the JPJ has issued a statement in early July that there was nothing irregular about special number plate programmes which are not new.
This is not the first time pricey number plates has caught the headlines.
Last October, MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan came under scrutiny from the media when he reportedly paid over RM340,000 for two coveted BMV number plates. Questions were asked how a chairman of an anti-crime NGO could afford to come up with RM174,776 and RM165,000 for BMW8 and BMW11 plates respectively.
While the upcoming YPN auction could see new records being set, the record of the highest price paid in a vehicle number plate auction in Malaysia is held by Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, whose bid of RM520,000 in 2012 helped him top 9,999 others in the auction for the car number plate WWW 1.
Following is a list of some of the most expensive number plates in Malaysia on record, according to information sourced from the JPJ website and compiled by in June 2015.
WWW 1 -      RM 520,000.00 (Sultan of Johor)
WWW 3 -      RM 360,000.00
WWW 9 -      RM350,000
MCA 1 -        RM 300,100.00
RM 8 -           RM 297,000.00
WWW 5 -      RM 220,000
TAY 1 -         RM 242,000.00
BMW 5 -       RM 188,100.00
BMW 8 -       RM 174,776.00
BMW 11 -     RM 165,000.00
WWW 888 - RM 165,000.00
WWW 99 -   RM 145,000
BMW 3 -       RM 132,000.00
WWW 333 - RM 110,036
BMW 6 -RM 97,777.00 (Dato' Lee Chong Wei)

Ops Hari Raya Aidilfitri to be carried out till 25 July 2015- (Source From TheStar Newspaper)

KUALA LUMPUR: The first day of Ops Hari Raya Aidilfitri saw 170 offences and 1,030 vehicles inspected by authorities.
Bernama reported that among the offences were expired road tax, driving without a valid licence, illegal vehicle modifications and licence plate numbers that were not according to specifications.
Road Transport Department (JPJ) director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad said during the operation that began at midnight, seven people were also made to undergo urine tests.
“They were suspected to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” he said.
Ismail said police issued 54 summonses while the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) booked two people.
“The joint operation with various enforcement agencies was carried out to ensure road safety during the festive season,” he said after an operation at the Batu toll plaza on the Duke Highway on Saturday night.
The nationwide operation involved 1,800 JPJ personnel.
In Johor Baru, state JPJ director Johari Yusof warned express bus drivers to be careful during Hari Raya, adding that they were being watched by undercover officers.
“The officers will be in plain clothes and will buy their bus tickets before boarding like everybody else,” he said after launching the operation at Plaza Angsana here yesterday.
Some 160 personnel and 50 JPJ Squad volunteers, added Johari, were on standby at 30 accident-prone areas in the state daily.
“They will do so until July 25,” he said.
JPJ personnel as well as those from the Road Safety Department, he said, would also be stationed at rest and recreation areas to engage the public on road safety issues.
Johari reminded that heavy vehicles were banned on the roads on July 14 and 15, and July 24 and 25.
“These are the days where high traffic volume is expected for the balik kampung rush,” he said. “This will ensure the comfort of other road users.”

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No GST on Malaysia traffic summons (Refer to astro news)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) does not impose the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the compound of traffic summons.

Instead, the GST will be charged on the service charge imposed by service providers of online summons payment, according to a RMP statement yesterday.

The public can choose to make payments at the traffic police counters to avoid the service charge and GST by online service providers.

The GST was implemented in Malaysia on April 1 with a six percent rate to replace the 10 percent Sales and Service Tax (SST).

The GST is one of the measures taken by the government to enhance the country's financial system by seeking new sources of revenue as well as to improve the efficiency of tax collection.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Some Little Known Facts On Malaysian Vehicle Registration Plates (Refer to Malaysian Digest)

In Malaysia, the Malaysian Road Transport Department(JPJ) regulates the issuing of vehicle registration plates. While many of us know the prefixes for our own state but not many people can readily identify the whole list of prefixes available in Malaysia when we consider the other states, as well as East Malaysia, military, taxi, airport limousines and royalty prefixes
For the registration plates of Peninsular Malaysia, the algorithm started with a state prefix and a number sequence (from 1 to 9999).
However, due to their similarities with the numbers 1 and 0, the letters I and O are excluded from the alphabetical sequences for Malaysian vehicle plates. Furthermore, there will be no leading zeroes in the number sequence.
Following are the prefixes for vehicle plates of different states, districts and categories:

Peninsular Malaysia
A – Perak
B – Selangor
C – Pahang
D – Kelantan
J – Johor
K – Kedah
M – Melaka
N – Negeri Sembilan
P – Penang
R – Perlis
T – Terengganu
W – Kuala Lumpur
Putrajaya – Putrajaya
KV – Pulau Langkawi
Z – Army

SA, SAA-SAB – West Coast
SB – Beaufort
SD – Lahad Datu
SK – Sabah Government
SL – Labuan
SS – Sandakan
ST – Tawau
SU – Keningau

Meanwhile, the current alphabets for most Sarawak’s districts start with the constant Q prefix, followed by the division prefix and the number sequence.
QA and QK: Kuching
QB: Sri Aman
QC: Kota Samarahan
QL: Limbang
QM: Miri
QP: Kapit
QR: Sarikei
QS: Sibu
QT: Bintulu
QSG: Government of Sarawak

Taxi license plates follow a H prefix in Malaysia which means ‘hire’ and have inverted colors with black letters and white background for distinction purposes.
HA – Perak
HB – Selangor
HC – Pahang
HE – Sabah
HJ – Johor
HK – Kedah
HL – Labuan
HM – Melaka
HN – Negeri Sembilan
HP – Penang
HQ – Sarawak
HR – Perlis
HS – Sabah
HT – Terengganu
HW – Kuala Lumpur
Following the opening of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), LIMO****W or LIMO***B were introduced for KLIA limousines. For example, LIMO 1130 W.

In Malaysia, license plates numbers with the Z prefix are reserved for military.  Z is the constant prefix for all Malaysian Armed Forces vehicles while B is the branch prefix. For example D is for Malaysian Army and U is for royal Malaysian Air Force.
ZA to ZD – The Malaysian Army
ZL – Royal Malaysian Navy
ZU – Royal Malaysian Air Force
JMF – The Royal Johor Military Force

Royal Vehicle  
The Sultans of Malaysia, Rulers of States and their immediate royalties use unique registration plates. Most of these official license plates have a yellow background and bear the royal crest of the owner.
Special Vanity Plates
Mother of local personality, Shaheizy Sam, 33, received a police summon last year for his unique car plate number MCM 1774 which almost looks like the word MOMMYMother of local personality, Shaheizy Sam, 33, received a police summon last year for his unique car plate number MCM 1774 which almost looks like the word MOMMY

Personalized vanity number plates require official approval so there are limited number of special vanity plates available by the Malaysian Road Transport Department at a higher cost. For example, the prefix such as Proton for Proton cars and SUKOM for 1998 Commonwealth Games.

For more information, please kindly refer to:-

Malaysia Latest Car Plate Number Registration From JPJ (Free To Check)

3 Step to check latest vehicle plate registration number (JPJ government website) 
1.) Please click into this link for further details

It will show picture like this:-

 2.) You can check latest car plate number from different state of Malaysia:-

 3.) You may contact your car dealer/ vehicle plate runner/ personally go to your nearest JPJ office or mail to for more information

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Please refer to Road Transport Department, Malaysia

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