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Nombor Plat Kereta Di Malaysia 大马车牌的州属

A - Perak
B - Selangor
C - Pahang
D - Kelantan
E - Old Sabah plat
J - Johor
K - Kedah
L - Labuan Federal Territory
M - Melaka
N - Negeri Sembilan
L - Penang
Q - Sarawak
R - Kota Kaca
S - Sabah
T - Terengganu
W - Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan
Putrajaya - Putrajaya
KV - Blue Ka Wei
Z - tentera

Sabah atas nama bandar dan plat:
SA - Kota Kinabalu
SB - Beaufort
SD - Lahad Datu
SK - Kudat
SL - plat lesen tua Labuan
SS - Sandakan
ST - Tawau
SU - Keningau

Sarawak wilayah plat:
QK - Kuching
QS - Sibu
QR - Street Si
QP - Kanada akan
QT - Bintulu
QM - Miri
QL - Limbang
QB - Sri Aman
QC - Tiga kuda Han

Zu - Tentera Udara
ZL - Tentera Laut
ZD - Tentera Darat

A - 霹雳
B -
C -
D -
E -
J -
K -
L -
M -
N -
P -
Q -
R -
S -
T -
W -
Putrajaya -
KV -
Z -

SA -
SB -
SD -
SK -
SL -
SS -
ST -
SU -

QK -
QS -
QR -
QP -
QT -
QM -
QL -
QB -
QC -

ZU -
ZL -
ZD -

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Buy & Registered Malaysia Car-Plate Number?

The mostly we buying the car, some of us will pass to our car sales-man agent/person to handle the choosing registered car-plate number, however we can actually go to Malaysia Vehicle Website (JPJ) & check the car-plate number still valid or not and how much is the cost of bidding/buying.

5 TIPS to Know Buying Car-plate number in JPJ Malaysia:-
  1. RM210 is mostly for the number that opens on that day, which means WSS 7***, if u wan a later number, like WSS 8*** or 9***, it may costs RM310
  2. For tender number, u can extend up to max 6 months. For buying number, u can extend up to max 3 months.
  3. JPJ won't choose who to give, they will give the number to the person who tender the number at the highest price (for example I pay RM10000 for WK1, you pay RM5k, then I will win the number)
  4. Bring booking receipt and photo-state I/C before your come, prepare a list of number, also remember give the proof of purchase to car sales agent.
  5. You can also go to check your car-plate registration status.
JPJ Malaysia Contact Detail:-
Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan
Aras 1-5 , Blok D4 , Kompleks D,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62620 WP Putrajaya
Hotline:+60388884244         Umum:+60388866400           Faks:+60388889645

Check Blacklist/ Summon/ Fines Website

If you have no idea that your register car plate number got summon or blacklist or not, you can directly go to this website and check for detail.

4 Easy Steps To Know/View Your Black List Record Via Malaysia JPJ Webstie :-

  1. Click the website
  2. Select This Icon which located right side "Semakan Status Senarai Hitam"
  3. Click JPJ Icon and select which black list you need to know
  4. Please kindly enter your identity card or car registration number
  5. You will know whether you got traffic summon blacklist record

4 Easy Steps To Know/View Your Summon Record Via Malaysia JPJ Webstie :-

  1. Click the website
  2. Select This Icon which located right side "Semakan Saman"
  3. Please kindly enter your identity card or car registration number
  4. You will know whether you got traffic summon blacklist record

How to Pay Summon Online:

  1. You can pay via credit card/online bank transfer at these MYEG/ Eservies / Rilek for these Malaysia Summon Payment website link
  2. Please register with the website if you are a first-time user
  3. Login/Register with your username and password
  4. Select the appropriate link to check and pay your summons online.
  5.  If you are foreigner, you can check your summon by providing your passport number and choose “Non Malaysian Resident” at the category option. 
How to Check Police Summon Via Google Apps (Free):-   
  1. You can use your phone entering Google Plays Apps Store first
  2. Type "Malaysia Police Summons" or go to this  in the search box
  3. Install the apps and key in with your IC/Company Register number and type security word that apps have given to you in the text box.
  4. Then you will know PDRM Summons and even speed trap photo in the easiest and fastest way

How to Check Summon Via SMS:- 
  1. IC no:      POLIS SAMAN [identification card no] or
    Vehicle:   POLIS SAMAN [car registration no.]


    IC no:      POLIS SAMAN 710503005100 or
    Vehicle:    POLIS SAMAN HW1234
    Then send the SMS to 32728. It costs about 50 cent for each SMS reply.
How to Get Discount For Your Traffic Summons:-
  1. Go To Malaysia Traffic Summons Information For Futher Information
  2. Except From JPJ Website, You Can Paid Your Summons Payment Method Through Malaysia Car Insurance Agent/ Runner.
  3. Sometime Malaysia Government Will Offer Special Discount for Certain Period Depend On JPJ Latest Announcement.
Other Related Website To Check Summons:- 
  1. (MYEG)
  2. (Rangkaian Interaktive Laman Eletronik Malaysia)
  3. (Malaysia E-Services)

*The summonses from JPJ will be on their website for 2 weeks only from the date of the offense. If the summonses are not paid within this 2-week period, JPJ will take down the summonses and you need to go to JPJ counters to pay your summonses. For more information or complaint, please go for JPJ Hotline / Eaduan / directly email to*

*Please be informed that JPJ system are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.
Some transaction will not be successful as a result. (This Website Information Mostly
Based On JPJ Official Website, Thanks)

Basic Knowledge Of Peninsula Malaysia registration plates (From Wikipedia)

Peninsula Malaysia registration plates
Letter State/Territory Notes Image
A Perak
Malaysia perak license plate.JPG
B Selangor Includes plates registered in Kuala Lumpur before the city separated as a Federal Territory in 1974.
C Pahang

D Kelantan

J Johor Includes Johor Government (JDT 1 to JDT 10) and Johor Military Force (Askar Timbalan Setia Negeri) (JMF)
K Kedah Except for cars registered in Langkawi.
KV Langkawi, Kedah Langkawi has duty free status and the KV series began after it achieved duty free status.
L Labuan Formerly part of the Sabah registration system, Labuan reverted to using the letter "L" when it became a Federal Territory in 1984.
M Melaka (Malacca)
Malaysia malacca license plate.JPG
N Negeri Sembilan

P Pulau Pinang (Penang)
Malaysia penang license plate front.JPG
Putrajaya Putrajaya federal administrative area Stylised in oblique Calisto[1] as the lead text. Putrajaya's regional prefix is the only kind in the country where the region's name is spelled out in full.
R Perlis

T Terengganu

W Kuala Lumpur Plates with letter W, which stands for Wilayah Persekutuan, began in 1974 when the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur was created. To date, the W series plate is the most numerous license plate issued Malaysia federal territory KL license plate.jpg

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