Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Johor Sultan bids RM520,000 for "WWW 1" Malaysia Carplate 柔佛苏丹投标RM520000获得WWW1马来西亚最贵车牌

Johor Sultan bids RM520,000 for "WWW 1"
(The Most Expensive Malaysia Carplate Number For Year 2012)

PETALING JAYA (May 28, 2012): The highest bid for a WWW vehicle registration number was RM520,000 by the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, for WWW 1. The number WWW 5 went to Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah who had bid RM220,000.

The Road Transport Department today released the list of the winning bids and bidders of the WWW series auction held between April 30 and May 14.Also in the list was the Heath Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, who successfully obtained WWW 15 with a bid of RM24,200.

According to Chinese tradition, the number eight holds great significance as the pronunciation ‘pat’ means wealth and prosperity.Nevertheless, registration numbers with the number nine which according to Feng Shui signifies fullness, completion and abundance, were apparently more popular and garnered higher bids.

WWW 9 and WWW 99 saw a bid of RM350,000 and RM145,000 respectively, while WWW 8 and WWW 88 received bids of only RM280,500 and RM92,800 respectively. WWW 8888 was sold for only RM40,000 while WWW 9999 went for RM41,800. However, WWW 888 secured a higher bid of RM165,000 from Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Berhad while WWW 999 garnered only RM77,000.

The number four, which is usually associated with death in Chinese tradition, fared fairly well, most notably the WWW 444 number which was ironically bought by a Chinese for RM40,000.
WWW 666, which in Christian lore is the number of the beast and considered satanic, was sold for RM44,000.

The fame of the prefix stems from the world of technology, as WWW stands for World Wide Web. Nevertheless, based on the successful bids list, numbers that appeal to the internet savvy, such as 404 and 500 saw relatively small bids at RM2,170 and RM11,000 each.

八打灵再也28日讯)WWW“互联网”车牌投标结果揭晓,国家元首端姑阿都哈林陛下、柔佛州苏丹端姑依布拉欣殿下、两名内阁部长及一名副部长榜上有名,其中柔州苏丹以52万令吉标得WWW 1车牌,国家元首则以22万令吉标得WWW 5车牌。

3名在WWW车牌投标中榜上有名的正副部长是首相署部长拿督斯里纳兹里、卫生部长拿督斯里廖中莱及教育部副部长拿督弗亚。纳兹里以1万零10令吉标得WWW 97、廖中莱以2万4200令吉标得WWW 15,弗亚则以3万令吉标得WWW 69。

陆路交通局已在该局网站公布WWW车牌投标结果,由于投标人数众多,当局一共用了137页面列出投标结果,最后的一个号码,即WWW 9999由一家公司以4万1888令吉得标。WWW车牌投标价最高是52万令吉,最低则是300令吉。


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