Thursday, August 18, 2011

Malaysia Highest Car Plate Number Bid Record "GIM1" Sold RM1.3 Million

Malaysia Highest Car Plate Number Bid Record "GIM1" Sold  RM1.3 Million

(KUALA LUMPUR) Vehicle license plate number  "GIM1" (Gagasan 1Malaysia) record bid of RM130 million deal.

The sources said, this time launching of promotion with 1500 set of registration number plates, it is quite a short time have been swept away by bidder.

"The current highest price of the license plate is GIM1, followed GIM5 and GIM2, the price of 30 million ringgit.

Auction for the expedition seven continents

This promotion based on the 1 Malaysian concept (Gagasan 1 Malaysia) which raising fund for the Malaysian club that going for seven continents activities and the government also start the auction license plate.
License plate number from GIM1 to 2000 numbers, each license plate called the price at least RM5, 000.

"GIM 11"  Gifted To Malaysia Prime Minister 

Which "GIM 11" has been presented to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib, as G1M1 tender reserve price is RM1 million.

The reports said, license plate bidding is becoming popular trend in Malaysia, this promotion will greatly encouraged JPJ which will consider adding new series of special car registration number plate.

"JPJ has approved our application, the current club has GIM license plate numbers from 2001-9999."

Besides, some of the license plates usually cost RM2000, but whoever get the special license plate numbers normally are the highest bidder.

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