Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check Singapore Traffic Summon For Malaysia Car

4 Easy Way To Check Singapore Traffic Summon For Malaysia/Singapore Car

If you want to to check on record of traffic summons on Singapore road, you can try these easy steps for checking your status of summon/blacklist.

How to Check Police Summon Via Mobile Apps:-   
  1. You can use your phone entering Google Plays Apps Store first
  2. Type "Singapore Parking Summon" or go to this link in the search box
  3. Install the apps and key in with your IC/Company Register number and type security word that apps given to you in the text box.
  4. Then you will know PDRM Summons and even speed trap photo in the easiest and fastest way

How to Check Police Summon Via Website:-  
  1. Go to Google Website & Type The Keyword "singapore transport authority check summon" (or you can copy and paste the word)
  2. The click the "Electronic Driver Data Information & Enquiry System" There then you can go into the link ( 
  3. Then choose "Outstanding Traffic Offence" Section on your left navigation bar.
  4. If you are Singapore citizen, you can select with your NRIC, or "Local Registered Vehicle Number" to proceed the next step; 
  5. If you are Malaysian or Foreigner, please select the "Foreign Registered Vehicle Number" to proceed the next step. 
  6. Type your Car Plate Number completely and see whether you got blacklist/traffic summons in Singapore.

Small Reminder For Malaysia Driver:
*If you always go Singapore from Johor Bahru for working/traveling purpose by your registered vehicle, normally when you come back/go in, the Singapore custom officer will using their computer system to check whether your vehicle got traffic summon/blacklist or not, if got they will need you to paid the summon first then let you go back Malaysia, this is just a gently reminder and the website is only for the references, please ensure the accurate information with Singapore custom officer, thanks.*


  1. May I inquire this Malaysia Car Plate number JCV-9441 if there is any Traffic Summon or traffic violation in Singapore. I would like to apply autopass so that i could drive from Johor thru Singapore.

  2. Outstanding Traffic Offence(s) against vehicle JCV9441 in Singapore

    As at 08/11/2011 there is no outstanding compoundable offence against the vehicle.

    FOR Malaysian Need Owner IC number

    1. PLS CHECK WRT 9906


  3. For Applying Autopass, You may wish to contact the toll-free hotline at 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582) for calls made in Singapore, or 02-62255 582 when calling from Malaysia if you don't want go there to ask directly.

  4. Dear Mr Ahmad,

    You may select "Foreign Registered Vehicle Number" for your carplate detail see whether got singapore saman or not. thanks^^

    The result i check from the website is:

    Outstanding Traffic Offence(s) against vehicle WRT9906
    As at 03/04/2012 there is no outstanding compoundable offence against the vehicle.

  5. I already check my plate no. JNF7339,no outstanding offence...
    But just today at checkpoint custom officer check my plat no. & their said i got 1 summon, how come like that?
    Please help me...

  6. mr. Gk Hokker
    after they said you got summomns,what they do,do you pay the summons or not

  7. Hi,we noticed that KBL 2888 this bus had black listed, due to the using the Autopass from other bus, so is it can check using "Electronic Driver Data Information & Enquiry System"? Since I had checked,it stated that "As at 18/05/2013 there is no outstanding compoundable offence against the vehicle." But we still cannot enter Singapore...
    Please kindly suggest the way to settle the summon.

  8. Can u check if gt any summon for ic no for msia citizen.

  9. May i know if my plate no jdb 6453 have any traffic summon


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