Thursday, June 16, 2011

Malaysians love "beautiful" Vehicle License Plate & Spend RM150 Million bidding

Top List Bidding Of Malaysia Vehicle License Plate
1.) MCA 1-RM300,001
2.) MCA 2-RM100,100
3.) TAY  1-RM200, 900 

Nowadays, Malaysians reluctant to pay traffic summons, but willing to spend each year RM50 million ringgit to RM150 million in exchange for their "favorable" license plate number.

According to news report of the government Land Transport Authority department records, it show that the highest bid price of the license plate number is few months ago to RM300,100 was bid MCA 1, with a bidder Asset Nusa Sdn Bhd, also bid for RM100,100 for car plate number MCA 2.

Last year, license plate numbers TAY 1 to RM242,000 has been bid on, before that, a businessman to RM200,900 bids for TAN 1 as his vehichle license plate number.

Land Transport Authority website listed to the MCA 9999 MCA 1 license plate number of the bidders name and bid amount.

Malaysian License Plate More Expensive More Auspicious

The bidders, the Nuo Laini spent more than RM19,000 bid for the license plate number 2 (MCA 4 is  RM144,444, MCA 7777 is RM4888).

As One of the Malaysian, Mr Chen places RM42000 under the three standard license plate numbers, that MCA 8888 is RM15,400, MCA 3333 is RM15,400 and the MCA 9999 is RM13,300.

In addition, the founding year of MCA, the MCA 1949, RM22 million was also tender.

Lu Yung-area state legislators Datuk Yantian Lu places RM28600 under the MCA 5 standard license plate number.

Because these number plates can not only be concerned about by most of the people, is also auspicious number that believed by others.

According to a 2004 news report, by a license plate number TAH1 believe there is a certain sense of humor, to RM14,300 bought.

In addition, a few years ago, according to some online forums, the most beautiful license plate number is BBB 888.

Penang's Action Party, the former strongman and former Penang Hill lawmakers Fu-Chan Wei Xing, bought its name on a similar MR 6001 (Gooi) license plate number.

Territory number plates, or by a letter after WYY

Federal Territory's license plate number, or give to WYY added after more than a letter.

The JPJ website shows that the number plates issued in Kuala Lumpur to WVA 1567. ("Z" has retained for military vehicle purpose, only 23 letters can be used as license plate number, "I" and "O" was disabled)

The Authorization Of Malaysia Government has made a proposal, including possible license plate number 4 in the number of words after the addition of a letter, that is, with Sabah and Langkawi, the license plate number similar.

But Transport Minister Datuk Seri Jiangzuo Han said in the consultation by the authorities in no hurry to implement the new system.

"There will be many years to reach WYY, there are many ways to consider."

He pointed out that the present proposal is to add a license plate number after the letter, but it is not finalized.
(According to Malaysia Press Report On March 2011)

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