Sunday, December 4, 2011

Malaysia Traffic Summons Discount/大马交通罚单折扣/Malaysia Saman Diskaun

Malaysia Traffic Summon Discount  (Call Agent For Handle)
  1. If contact with the runner to handle with your Malaysia traffic summon, they will help you to notice about it and sometime will give the special discount for certain period.
  2. Reduction of Saman will given to all types of offenses that may be compounded from the date the summonses were issued due to authorities decisions.
  3. Most problem like summon/ road tax  lapsed more than 1 year, NCD problem or other, can directly do/settle the insurance and road-tax first with our agent list  

    *Which Summons normally cannot get “Discount”?*
    -More than 30 days from the date of issue of summons
    -Traffic Summons has been registered for mention in court
    -Suit up by Malaysia Court (after failing to attend court)
**This Website Is For Reference & Related Traffic Fines Discount Could Be Change/ Update With Malaysia Government Decision, If You Want To Made Summon Payment With Discount/ Or Any Questions For It, Welcome SMS/EMAIL To Us**

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