Sunday, January 4, 2015

Malaysia Buy Carplate Website: Malaysia Car Plate Number Online

One of the recommend website for car-plate number price check:-

You may kindly go to Malaysia Car Plate Number Online Website for any latest tender number information.

Go to click search and type your favorite vehicle/car plate number for your references:-

Search Malaysia Carplate Numbers & Price Details

It will showed market price of Malaysia carplate and you may contact dealer

For Example:-
QAA 1L RM 88,200.00
WB 1B RM 198,200.00
WB 1A RM 165,200.00
WA 1J RM 148,200.00
WA 2T RM 59,000.00
WA 2R RM 59,000.00
W 2J RM 180,200.00
WA 2W RM 73,200.00
WB 2A RM 58,200.00
WA 2Q RM 57,000.00
WA 2K RM 57,000.00
WA 2V RM 61,200.00
WA 2U RM 59,000.00
WA 2N RM 64,000.00
TY 2 RM 220,200.00


  1. Hey are these plates available at I've been asking a lot about cause my friends said they're really good. Trying to collect info


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