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Information/Guideline On Modifications Of Malaysia Private Vehicles

Information/Guidelines On Modifications Of Malaysia Private Vehicles 
  • Installation of air spoiler, side skirts and aerofoil on parking n.

Installation of air spoiler, side skirts aerofoil or must not exceed 150mm measured from the outer rear wheel.
  • Installation on the vehicle door visor.

Installation door visor shall not exceed 100mm in width and height

  • Installation bumpers at the front or rear of the vehicle and protecting guards (Kangaroo Bar) at the front of the vehicle.

- Installation of additional bumper or protecting guard (kangaroo bar) in the front or rear must not exceed 50% of the wheelbase of the vehicle.
- Installation of protecting guards (kangaroo bar) must not cover the lights and vehicles and have no sharp edges or protruding parts exceeding 100mm.
- Protecting guard (kangaroo bar) installed must not exceed 150mm in overall width of the vehicle.

  • Installation rim and tire is greater.

- If the tire rim or greater are used, they must be completely covered by mudguards or Mudflap.
- Installation of larger tires to change the overall height of the vehicle is not allowed.
  • Installation of roof sun / moon roof / canvas top on the roof of the vehicle

- Installation of roof sun / moon roof / canvas top must be done with just punch a part of the roof without the original roof pillar involves cutting or cutting the chassis of the vehicle.
- The modification must be done at the center of the roof, and no-effect connection or welding on any part of the other.
  • Installation took the stairs / boat / surf board

- The roof must be firmly attached to the vehicle and the size must not exceed 230mm in height from roof level.
- The width and length of the roof area must not exceed the roof.
- Household / Boats / Surf board that is carried on the roof must not exceed the front and rear of the vehicle.
- Household / Boat / Surfboard must be brought firmly secured on the roof, at least two ties.
- Wheels front of the vehicle must bear at least 20% by weight of boat / surf board.
  • Conversion gearbox manual / automatic

- No structural alterations done on the 'front cross member,' 'steering linkage' and 'steering box'.
- No modifications on 'mounting base' and no welding on additional mounting structure '.
- No modifications to the 'base engine mounting and no welding on additional structural' engine mounting.
  • Installing the canopy / canvas

- Installation of hard-top canopy types of mobile or canvas only allowed for vehicle type twin cab pick-up only where the number of passengers is 5 people.
- The length, height and width of the canopy must not exceed the dimensions of the original vehicle.
- Transparency light appear on all the windows of the canopy must not be less than 50%.
- Additional seating is not allowed to be installed on the canopy area.
- Third brake lights should be installed at the rear of the vehicle after the installation of canopies do.
  • Installation Winch, Winch Bar, Side Step, Front Bar and Snorkel)

- Installing a winch, winch bar, snorkel, side step and rear bar shall be fitted with a powerful and neatly so as not to disturb other road users.
Winch Bar, Rear and Side Step Bar installed shall not exceed 150mm in overall width of the vehicle and can not cover the lights and vehicle registration number.
- Installation accessories installed must not interfere with the original identity of the vehicle.
  • Roof-rack installation (the roof) / bike carrier

- The roof must be firmly attached to the vehicle.
- The size of the installation of the roof height must not exceed 230 mm from the surface of the roof and the width and length must not exceed the area of the roof.
- Any vehicle can not carry the load that extends beyond the rear, front or side of the vehicle body.
- Size bike on the roof of the vehicle must not exceed the front, back and sides of the roof and get tied tightly and neatly so as not to endanger other road users
- Installation of bike carrier on the rear of the vehicle is not permitted
  • Spotlight installation
- Spotlights are allowed only on four-wheel-drives.
- Only white or amber colored spotlights are allowed for use, and must be installed on the front of the vehicle, for the purpose of complementing the standard headlights.
- Spotlights must not be installed on top of the vehicle.
- Only two (2) units of spotlight can be installed on the vehicle at any given time.
- The spotlights can only be used during off-road activities and must be switched off while driving on public roads.
- Spotlights can be installed no higher than 5 feet (1524mm) from the road surface.

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