Saturday, November 8, 2014

Malaysia Transportation Department earned nearly RM400 million for vehicle/ carplate bidding

(PUTRAJAYA the 17th Bernama) - The annual license plate bid to make JPJ achieved substantial revenue, estimated to be fetched 300 million 50 million ringgit to 400 million ringgit.
JPJ director Datuk Seri Si Maia late that the Johor Sultan Ibrahim to 748,000 ringgit are eligible for the competition W1N license plate number, record the current highest bid.
For BMW1, BMW2, BMW7, BMW9 and BMW10 license plate, he said, the government does not publish a list of government executives hold these license plates.
"The recent Cabinet decision to confidential list of these executives, to avoid a negative impression of the community."
JPJ in the recent BMW license plate bidding, did not disclose the list of bidders and was priced above the license plate number; this number is set at 14 to 28 August public bidding.
BMW this number to get warm response from the owners offer, of which Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei badminton a Ge Nadu, to 97,777 ringgit successful bid for BMW6 license plate.
Selangor Tengku Ahmad sand chamber members to 132,000 ringgit mark too BMW3 license plate number.
The most expensive license plate
License plate number
Price (RM)
BMW License Plate bid
License plate number
First name
Price (RM)
BMW3Tengku Ahmad sand132,000
BMW4Sea Race accounting70,840
BMW5Tunku Soule Mansa188,100
BMW6Lee Chong Wei97,777
BMW8Hill Givenchy174,776
BMW11Hill Givenchy166,000

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